Akumal, Mexico: Place of the Turtles


Location & History

Akumal is 60 miles south of the Cancun airport.  Depending on traffic, the drive can take 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes from airport to your resort door.

Akumal literally means “place of the turtles”, which makes this city turtle central!  This is where you will find the Centro Ecológico de Akumal, a non-profit center dedicated to environmental marine research, education, and sea turtle protection. 

The destination was once part of a large coconut plantation, and was first developed in 1958 by Mexican divers salvaging a sunken Spanish galleon just off shore. Akumal is home to a tight-knit population who want to protect the community, the flora and the marine life, which bodes well for keeping the area as pristine as possible while permitting development.  


Why Should You Visit?

Above all, the biggest draw is its silky, white-sand beaches, protected by offshore reefs, making it a haven for divers from around the world who come here year round. 

Akumal is a small, Mexican town that has huge advantages for travelers that want a slower paced vacation in the Mexican Riviera.  Here are my reasons why travelers should take advantage of this area:

  • It is a peaceful location close to Tulum.
  • It has a spectacular bay where crystal clear fresh water currents from the nearby underground rivers and caves mix with the Caribbean Sea.
  • Akumal’s white sand beaches are protected by the second largest barrier reef, allowing for perfect conditions for scuba divers.
  • In the surrounding area you can visit the Yal-kú lagoon for snorkeling.
  • During nesting season (from the end of April to October) sea turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Akumal at night and they can be seen swimming in the main bay during the day. 
Akumal can be the relaxing, get-away-from-it-all vacation that travelers are looking for.  Contact me here to start planning your time away!
-Leah D. 
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