An All-Inclusive cruise with UnCruise Adventures

All-inclusive cruise with uncruise adventures

I came across UnCruise Adventures in a recent Travel + Leisure magazine article.  They were voted in the Top 10 of small ship cruise lines.  Personally, I am not a cruising person.  The idea of being on a large ship with thousands of other people is a turn-off to me.  The small ships that are defined as expedition-style, that can sail to lesser-traveled locations and remote ports not accessible by large ships, is much more my speed.

UnCruise Adventures is for the non-cruiser.  It is NOT port-centric.  Wildlife, flora, and fauna dictate the daily schedule.  Most of the time, the way to get from the boat to land is by one of their zodiacs, or skifs.  I love that idea!

Due to the off-the-beaten path of this type of vacation there are so many included items, that this can be deemed a all-inclusive cruise:

  • shore excursions, on-board activities, presentations
  • entry fees to any parks
  • all on-board and off-board meals
  • all non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (spirits, wines, and microbrews)
  • meet and greet services with airport transfers

Once you step on the ship you can put your money and credit cards away.  You won’t need them!  **Until the end, where you tip your crew.**

Their itineraries are in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Columbia and Snake Rivers, the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, Costa Rica & Panama.

UnCruise is truly for the soft adventure traveler and the nature lover.  You can participate in as many daily activities or as few daily activities, as you want.  The level of adventure is entirely up to you.

Be on the lookout for my updates in the next year!  I plan on going on one of their cruises to experience all they have to offer for myself to better assist my adventure travelers in booking their next “non-cruise” UnCruise cruise!

Leah D

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