An Elopement Destination Wedding in Kauai

destination wedding in kauai

Elle and Marisol’s Kauai wedding

The best part about a destination wedding is making a couples wedding dreams become their reality.  Increasingly, I see couples that are less worried about the intricate details of their wedding and focus more on spending their wedding day with their soon-to-be-spouse and close family/friends.  

This is very true for couples that want to elope.  To some, images of elopements mean running off to Vegas and being married by Elvis.  The new trend is to get married in your romantic, chosen destination, but leave out the large details of the wedding planning.

Living in Southern Indiana our values are still very conservative and our heritage runs deep.  Many of my destination wedding couples are those that are getting married for a second time.  They have been through the first, formal wedding with the large wedding party, sparkly ballgown and big reception.  This time, the couple wants something different:  a more intimate and personal approach to their day that reflects more about them and less about the day itself.

Elle and Marisol are finally going to let their story be told!  I am actually surprised about this since they are a very private couple, but they trust that I will tell their story right:

Elle and Marisol live in the state of Kentucky, about 2 hours from our office.  Elle works in the medical field and Marisol works with children.  They are in their late 30’s and have been together for about 3 years.  Elle contacted the office one day and her first question was, “Will you work with my fiance and I?  We are lesbians and want to get married somewhere other than here.”  

Elle is a ball of fire!  Her job keeps her very busy and she doesn’t have the time to plan a destination wedding, let alone work with professionals that don’t approve of her and Marisol.  Marisol is the quiet one, very creative and has a wonderfully dry sense of humor.  I knew we would get along perfectly!

Elle and Marisol wanted to get married in Hawaii, preferably on one of the smaller islands that would give them more privacy.  We chose Kauai, which has significantly smaller tourist crowds than many of the other Hawaiian Islands.  I contacted my go-to wedding planners, White Orchid Weddings, and we were off and running.  Elle and Marisol did not have a specific date they wanted to be married on.  They had pre-planned their vacation time for 2 weeks off in June.  After some back and forth with all parties, the details were all set within 30 days.

The happy couple stayed at the St. Regis Princeville Resort on Kauai, Hawaii.  They were married on Tunnels Beach in the mid-afternoon.

Kauai destination wedding
Kauai destination wedding

Elle and Marisol spent a total of 10 days on Kauai.  Most of their days were spent snorkeling, hiking, relaxing on the beach, and trying to paddle board!  They were able to island hop over to Molokai for a day of shopping and then to O’ahu to stroll Waikiki Beach and visit Pearl Harbor.  I am happy to say that their time was well-spent and they took advantage of being disconnected from the real world and focused on re-connecting with each other.

The evolution of a destination wedding is a magical event.  You get to see the ceremony and other intracies unfold before your eyes.  For Elle and Marisol their main concern was finding a photographer that was the right fit and a fabulous hair/makeup beautician. White Orchid Weddings worked their magic and made these details happen.  On June 11, 2015, Elle and Marisol were married!  It was a pleasure to work with them and after many months of waiting they sent me one picture that they felt comfortable sharing 🙂

Kauai Destination Wedding
Kauai Destination Wedding

Are you considering a destination wedding?  Please contact me here with questions!

-Leah D