Anniversary Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Gregg and Jennifer contacted Elite Escapes for their upcoming anniversary vacation.  They had been looking for a travel agent to plan their 10 year wedding anniversary vacation and a mutual friend suggested Elite Escapes travel agency. Gregg and Jennifer were going to be celebrating their anniversary in April 2015 and wanted to travel without their children.  They had previously been to Hawaii for their honeymoon and to Cancun a few years ago.  Gregg made one comment that stood out:  Cancun was a little boring for him.  Several days in a row of just laying on the beach or in the pool was not an exciting time.  This time, they wanted to do something “different”.

We tossed out Costa Rica or Belize as suggestions.  While these countries are both in Central America, they are very different from each other in accommodations, excursions, and environment. Gregg and Jennifer decided to stay in Costa Rica at the Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort in Guanacaste.  Tamarindo is a nice, small beach town where only local food and drinks are served.  It’s a good place for surfing and there are surfing competitions that come to the area a couple times of year.

8 days and 7 nights of Costa Rican fun was packed into their schedule:  Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal Volcano and the Springs Hotel, the Buena Vista tour with ziplining and horseback riding through the jungle.

When Gregg and Jennifer returned we asked them to describe their Costa Rican anniversary.  Here are a few pictures and their experience:

Costa Rica Anniversary – Monteverde Cloud Forest
Costa Rica Anniversary – Monteverde Cloud Forest

“This trail took us along the tree tops and over suspension bridges. I am scared of heights but this did not even bother me because the sights are so spectacular. This is a must do for anyone who is going to Costa Rica. After the bridges, we went on a tour of a butterfly garden where they breed butterflies.  My favorite part of this tour was being able to actually walk into the butterfly habitat and have them land on you. They even have a part of the tour where you see all of the butterflies getting ready to hatch or hatching.”


Costa Rica Anniversary – Buena Vista ziplining
Costa Rica Anniversary – Buena Vista ziplining

“The zip line was the first part of the trip. It was pretty cool to fly though the tops of the trees in the jungle.”


Costa Rican Anniversary – Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort
Costa Rican Anniversary – Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort


Costa Rican Anniversary – Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort
Costa Rican Anniversary – Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort

“You can sit in this grass area {near the beach} and hear and see the ocean and not get sandy or worry about being bothered by the locals. We loved this hotel.”

Leah:  Best experience in Costa Rica?
Gregg and Jennifer:  The food and culture.
Leah:  Must do activity for future travelers?
Gregg and Jennifer:  Visit the Monte Verde Cloud Forest.
Leah:  Your favorite part of the trip was…..?
Gregg and Jennifer:  Honestly every part of this trip was wonderful! We wish we would have had even more time in Costa Rica.  One thing that we choose to do which we are really happy about was not staying in an all inclusive and being able to experience the local culture and cuisine.
Leah:  Please provide me some feedback on the services I provided for you.  
Gregg and Jennifer:   Leah was wonderful to work with. She took all of our considerations and request into factor when planning our trip. We never waited long for a reply email or phone call and she was very knowledgeable about many places we inquired upon visiting. She even booked a last minute excursion for us while we were in Costa Rica.  We felt prepared and informed about our trip, the country of Costa Rica, and the places we would visit while we were there.  I would recommend her to anyone. 


It was such a pleasure to work with this couple!  You have to be open-minded to visit Costa Rica.  This country is beautiful and takes pride in their culture.  It is not over-developed, but does provide a wide range of accommodations for every traveler’s style.  It is a great country to enjoy local food, local people, and re-connect with nature and your loved one.


Questions about Costa Rica?  Contact us here!


-Leah D
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