Bed and Breakfasts in Ireland

Bed and breakfasts in ireland

There is a multitude of bed and breakfasts in Ireland. Therefore, how do you choose the right one?  Are there standards that B&Bs have to meet?  How do you know if a B&B is the right fit for you?


Standards for a bed and breakfast in Ireland

To be approved as a bed and breakfast in Ireland the home has to follow:

  • planning legislation
  • fire safety and local building regulations
  • food legislation
  • health & safety regulations


Types of bed and breakfasts in Ireland

B&Bs come in all different styles:

  • farm houses
  • town houses
  • Victorian homes/historic homes
  • country homes

In Ireland you have to pay attention to where the home is located.  Example:  The B&B might advertise that they are in the County of Kerry, near Killarney.  As the traveler you are looking for accommodations near Killarney, close to the city.  Kerry is a large county – you don’t want to get stuck 2 hours from the city because you weren’t aware of the exact location.


Is a bed and breakfast for me?

That depends on your preference.  Some B&Bs are small and you will truly be staying in a person’s home and your room may or may not have a private bathroom.  Others are bigger and will feel like you are staying in a boutique hotel.  Also, there is the possibility of staying in a re-furbished manor home or historic home that will give you that “Irish” feeling.  Or even a castle!


Whichever your preference there is a place for you in Ireland, even if you decide that a quaint hotel is the way to go!

Do you have questions about traveling to Ireland?  Contact me here!

-Leah D.




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