Celebrate your College Graduation with a Family European Vacation

honeymoons Florence, Italy

Graduating college is a major milestone that drives many college grads to hit the roads.  No more tests, no more lectures, no more essays!  But, before you take that first step into the post-college world you may be saying, “Let’s travel.”  

What better way to celebrate with your graduate than with a family European vacation?

Post-college graduation family vacations are very popular.  Europe is by-far the most popular destination to spend a solid 2 weeks exploring 1-2 countries.  

Ireland, Scotland, and Britain are the most popular European destination followed closely by Italy and France.

Dunrobin Castle Scotland
Dunrobin Castle, Scotland
Honeymoon in Italy
Venice, Italy

Are you a history buff or a foreign language major?  Immersing yourself in that culture will give you a real-life chance to use your skills and continue learning in a hands-on way.  

One of the best values is a guided tour.  Learning the ins-and-outs of a city from a local guide can be immensely helpful!

I assist families in putting together custom itineraries based on what they want to see and do:  flights, hotels, tours, transfers, travel insurance, etc.  Let me take care of the intricacies of your family European vacation!  Contact me here!

-Leah D.

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