Costa Rica Culinary Adventure

Costa Rica

Foodies unite!!  Finally, there is a 7-day food-lovers vacation coming to Central America!  Costa Rica’s most famous food products-coffee, chocolate, and cheese-are featured in specialty cooking workshops, farm-to-table tours, and a coffee connoisseurs dinner.  How does a vacation like this work?  Here is a sample itinerary:

During a 3-night stay at a coffee plantation resort you will take a guided tour of the organic coffee farm and roasting house, followed up by a coffee cupping.  You will visit the town of Heredia’s central market, learning about its exotic fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, and partake in a full-day Sibu Chocolate workshop.

The next 3 nights are spent in the cloud forest near Cerro Chirripo Volcano while staying at the boutique Monte Azul mountain resort while dining with farm-to-table chef Esteban Acuna.  You will visit a sustainable home dairy where you will learn to milk a cow before getting involved in the cheese making process.  You can also attend a soap making class as well as learn to make homemade tamales, attend a yoga session or get an in-room spa treatment.  Monte Azul sits on a 125-acre preserve allowing you to hike the forest along several trails.

This is a small tour, so space is very limited.  Latin American Escapes is our destination management company that will lead you on this tour and be your hands on guides.  We work with Latin American Escapes to customize itineraries for each couple, small or large group.  Costa Rica is meant to be explored and there are several different ways to see this beautiful country.  Contact us with questions about Costa Rica and all the opportunities offered! 

-Leah D

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