Destination Wedding at Sandals South Coast in Jamaica

Destination Wedding at Sandals Jamaica

Heath and Tanisha contacted me in March 2014.  They were both in their early-mid 20’s, living in Princeton IN, working full-time jobs, living together, and exploring the options of getting married abroad.  Tanisha asked how a destination wedding in Jamaica would work.

When couples contact me about having a destination wedding there are 2 main questions that we ask, “Have you spoken to your parents?” and “What made you decide to want to get married out of the country?”

During the first meeting both of those questions were quickly answered.  For them, the idea of planning a large wedding wasn’t their vision of their dream wedding.  The stress a wedding can place on a couple for 6-12 months was not what they wanted to get into.  

Not only did they want to have a destination wedding at Sandals, but they did not want to have guests attend.  In essence, they wanted to elope!  Before the meeting Heath and Tanisha had already spoken to their parents about having a destination wedding and both sets of parents were agreeable.

So, the planning began!  Heath and Tanisha had already come to the agreement that the island they wanted to get married on was Jamaica.  After talking at length about what they wanted in the wedding package, the type of resort that would be a good fit for them and their budget, the location of Sandals South Coast in Jamaica was chosen.  And it is beautiful!  

destination wedding at sandals south coast
Sandals South Coast

Over the next few months there were scheduled calls with the Sandals wedding coordinator allowing Heath and Tanisha time to finalize the colors, types of flowers, type of music, style of cake, etc.

After it was all said and done, proper documentation turned in (they were married legally in Jamaica which requires more documentation than a symbolic ceremony), and travel documents received, it was time to start the final countdown to the big day!

September 16 came and went with candid shots posted on Facebook and I could not wait until they returned home to hear all about their wedding and honeymoon.  They loved Sandals South Coast and plan on returning for their 5 year wedding anniversary!

Destination Wedding at Sandals Jamaica
Destination Wedding Jamaica – Sandals South Coast
Destination Wedding Jamaica – Sandals South Coast

– Leah Dugan

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