A Destination Wedding on the Island of Moorea

destination wedding on Moorea , Tahiti

I recently had the chance to work with a great couple in California that decided to have their destination wedding on Moorea island and honeymoon on the island of Bora Bora.

The wedding was an elopement, and was very simple. They decided not to get married at their resort, instead they went to one of the many beaches on Moorea for their ceremony.  Since they wanted to get married off of the resort I referred them to a local wedding planner so she could work on organizing the flowers, the officiant and the photographer.  I took care of all the travel arrangements

One point that can’t be stressed enough is that is difficult to have a legal wedding ceremony in the Tahitian Islands.  Please refer to my other post Planning a Destination Wedding in Tahiti for more information.  Before the couple left their hometown they went to the courthouse for a civil ceremony and had the symbolic ceremony on the beach on Moorea.  So simple!

After the wedding they spent one more night on Moorea at the Manava and then flew over to Bora Bora staying in an overwater bungalow at Hilton for 4 nights.  Bora Bora is all about romance, relaxing and re-connection.  It’s the perfect place to sit back in a hammock and watch the unending miles of ocean.

I want to wish a very warm congratulations to Doug and Tammy on their marriage!  Photo credit goes to the fabulous Helene Harvard.

Questions about how we help our couples get married in the Tahitian Islands?  Contact me here!

-Leah D.

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