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Are you planning to have a Destination Wedding?


All weddings are hectic and busy when it comes to planning, but Elite Escapes Travel Agency can take the large burden of travel off of your plate.  While you are working with your wedding coordinator we can work with your guests on their travel arrangements.  Less stress for you will make the wedding experience much more pleasurable!

Here are some of the ways that we can assist you in making a destination wedding easier to navigate:


  1. We work with you on setting deadlines for your guests’ initial reservations and final reservation pay-offs.  This will make it easier for you to budget.
  2. We answer your guests’ questions about weight luggage limit, how to travel with liquids, how to obtain a passport, where to look for their ground transportation at the airport, information about the hotel where the wedding is located, what to do in the area, etc.  (So you don’t have to!)
  3. We keep you, as the couple, aware of who is booking and give regular updates on how guests are responding.

This process can run very smoothly for your guests by laying out easy directions for them.  Keep it simple!

And we are always here for moral support for you!

You can contact us here with questions about how we work with our destination wedding couples.

Have You Decided to Elope?

We work with preferred hotels and resorts that have set elopement packages available for purchase.  These hotels and resorts have dedicated on-site wedding coordinators.

Interested in an elopement ceremony off of the hotel property?  We can make recommendations on local wedding coordinators in your desired destination that can work with you to make your wedding dreams come alive.

While you are planning the wedding we work on all your travel and honeymoon arrangements!

Our Niche in the Destination Wedding industry:

Elite Escapes travel agency works with a maximum of 10 couples per year on their destination wedding. We strive for the best customer service which cannot be accomplished if we are spread thin. As stated above we work closely with preferred and reputable wedding vendors and resorts.  We can comfortably recommend a certain hotel resort or a wedding coordinator knowing that our couples will be taken care of.  Contact us here to talk more about your destination wedding ideas or call us at 1-812-962-3841!

Starting to plan your Honeymoon?

Have you chosen to get married in your hometown, but want an exciting and romantic honeymoon?  Planning a wedding can be stressful!  Your honeymoon is your first trip as husband and wife. You want your honeymoon to be memorable, as well as stress-free.  Elite Escapes travel agency will assist you in finding the right destination to fit your needs.  Not every couple is created equally, and your honeymoon won’t be like anyone else’s.  Allow yourself to relieve some of your planning stress by speaking with a travel agent at Elite Escapes.  We can make your honeymoon the best part of your wedding experience!

Contact Us with any questions or if you are ready to start planning fill out our form here!  Your information is sent straight to our email; no third parties and we don’t share any of our client’s information with anyone – ever.



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Tips for Destination Wedding


Who Do We Work With?

Our couples come from diverse backgrounds and from many different paths, but the one common trait they all share is the love of travel.  They value planning out their perfect honeymoon with a professional, being open-minded in considering exotic destinations, voicing their likes and dislikes and making sure that their honeymoon is as unique as the couple themselves.

You don’t have extra time to spend conducting social media polls on the best places your friends recently traveled in hopes of finding your romantic destination.  Do you want to spend your honeymoon where are all your friends recently visited?  How long have you spent scouring the Internet looking at each and every resort out there?  How can you be sure that all online reviews are legitimate?

Our couples are overwhelmed, over-stressed and time-starved. They are looking for someone to say, “Let me help you with this”.


Why Choose Us?

How can a travel professional  and romance specialist help you with your dream honeymoon?

  • Experience:  We keep it real!  By traveling extensively, going on site and working with the hotels and resorts, we have first-hand knowledge.
  • Education:  Being a travel professional does not come easily and is a full-time job.  Continuing education, consistent training and certifications is what separates us as romance specialists.
  • Connections:  Our travel suppliers are amazing.  Not all travel suppliers work with the general public.  Many only work with travel professionals and can create complete custom itineraries that cannot be bought anywhere else.
  • Availability:  You can meet us or call us direct!  We are real people!  You will not be just a number with us.  We value our clients and show them their worth.
  • Integrity:  We could not have come as far as we have without being forthcoming and honest in our business practices.


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LGBT Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Not all countries choose to recognize same-sex marriages and not all resorts will allow couples of the same gender to have a legal and/or symbolic ceremony on their property.  At Elite Escapes, we can work with our couples in fitting them to the best destination to have their ceremony and their honeymoon.  Contact us with questions about LGBT destination weddings and honeymoons. Your information is sent straight to our email; no third parties and we don’t share any of our client’s information with anyone – ever.


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