Elopement Destination Wedding to Couples Resorts – December 2017

Elopement Destination Wedding

In the middle of November a bride contacted the office with the request of an elopement destination wedding the last week of December – that is super quick planning!

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a very busy time in Mexico and the Caribbean, plus rates are always much higher.  When I talked to the bride I was honest with my concerns and told her there were a couple all-inclusive resorts that specifically have elopement packages that I would look into for availability.

We were in luck!  Couples Swept Away had 7 rooms left and wedding times available on 12/28.  The bride and groom were extremely flexible knowing that their options would be limited and they trusted my judgment (which I never take for granted).

The next 72 hours were crunch time!  We had to get their personal documents uploaded to the resort in order to obtain their marriage license, we made contact with the wedding coordinator so the bride could arrange an afternoon at the spa before the ceremony, and we finalized the small details of the elopement package.  Everything was in order before they arrived to the resort.

The day after their ceremony I received an email from the bride with pictures from their ceremony and a warm “Thank you for your help!”

This week they just received their official marriage license through the mail from Jamaica.  The bride wrote a very nice review on my Facebook fan page:

“Leah was absolutely amazing! We decided at the last minute to get married in a tropical place by ourselves over the December holidays. I gave Leah a budget that was fairly low for the season, and she found the most perfect Jamaican package in less than 24 hours, including airfare. She was there every step of the way and made sure she was always one step ahead with our questions and everything we needed to know before getting married in Jamaica. She even took the lead on communicating with the wedding planner. I am sure we had the most perfect, beautiful, stress-free wedding ever. The rest of the week we were there was just as fabulous. I don’t know if she has been to Jamaica, but her guidance, advice, and pre-departure instructions sure make you feel like she is the ultimate expert on Caribbean vacations and weddings – thank you Leah!”

There are times where last minute travel happens!  And in these times I can’t always share with my clients my knowledge of certain destinations and resorts – there just isn’t time!  The only way to show expertise is through the planning and organization process.  It is always a pleasure to work with my clients and I hope to continue to make every destination wedding someone’s dream come true!

You can contact me here with questions about your own destination wedding!   – Leah D.

And, here are a few pictures of the bride and groom:  Arthur and Athena Dye!

Elopement Destination Wedding
Elopement Destination Wedding at Couples Swept Away
Elopement Destination Wedding
Elopement Destination Wedding at Couples Swept Away
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