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How do we get married in Fiji?

Married in Fiji

I received an email with this subject line:  “How do we get married in Fiji?”

The bride’s email was chock full of questions asking how to have a destination wedding in the Fijian Islands.  I love these emails!  Sometimes I can respond via email and other times it takes a phone call to answer questions.  Today, let’s talk about the basics of getting married in Fiji.


Getting married in Fiji


1.  Talk about budget:  accommodations and wedding package

Discuss the type of destination wedding you want to have:  will it be just the two of you?  will you have family and friends present?  Some hotels are adult-only and do not allow children. Before you make a decision on where you want to have the wedding you have to take into consideration who will be attending.  Then, it is time to look at the wedding packages that are offered.  The wedding packages tell you what is included in the ceremony and possibly a reception.  This does not include your accommodations stay on the island.  The accommodations are a completely separate charge.  If you look at online pricing some resorts only have pricing in Fijian dollars, not USD.  And do not include taxes.  Make sure you are working with your travel agent on final pricing.

2.  Make the ceremony legal and valid

Getting married in Fiji is valid in the United States.  You will return home with a legal marriage license that the US will recognize.  Prior to departure to Fiji you must get the hotel the required documentation they need to prepare your wedding license.  Your travel agent should be reminding you about when to turn in the documentation.

3.  Transportation from the airport to your hotel

Fiji is made up of several hundred islands.  How do you plan on getting from the airport in Nadi to your hotel?  Transportation should be put into your travel package.  You don’t want to be stuck on the 3 hour ferry with all of your luggage trying to get to your hotel.

4.  Get to know your wedding vendors

It can be difficult to build a relationship with wedding professionals that live thousands of miles away.  Unless you are bringing a photographer, a videographer, your make-up artist, your florist, etc. you will need to trust the hotel’s recommendations.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own homework.  Just like if you were planning your wedding at home use social media and Google to your advantage.  Ask your travel agent for advice – we are professionals and are here to help you!

5.  Use a travel agent

I know, I know.  OF COURSE, I am going to say this – I am an agent.  But, let me elaborate.  Use a travel agent that is familiar with Fiji.  Not every agent is and honestly, not every agent will take on a destination wedding in Fiji.  The time change can make communication with the hotels and wedding coordinators on-site difficult and travel itineraries are usually complex.  To read more about our last destination wedding in Fiji read Camille and Monty’s story here.


Do you have more questions about having your wedding in Fiji?  Contact us here or call us in the office at  1-812-962-3841!

-Leah D.