What happens when you break your toe while on your honeymoon? Use your travel insurance!

Travel Insurance

In previous articles I have discussed why travel insurance is necessary in regards to weather events like hurricanes, or maintenance issues on planes.

This past weekend a honeymoon couple returned from a week in Nassau, Bahamas staying at Sandals Royal Bahamian.  In the middle of the week, the groom contacted me saying that the bride had hurt her foot and probably needed to go to the doctor.  The bride had injured her foot while they were on a dolphin excursion.

When the couple booked their honeymoon they had purchased travel insurance for a very nominal cost.  And boy, did they end up using that policy!

One IV, one x-ray, and a bottle of pain pills later they walked out with a $865.00 bill. Luckily, with their travel insurance policy the claim was being started right there at the clinic.

The bride spent the rest of the weekend in a boot and crutches for a broken toe.  Did this stop them from having a great time? Nope!  Their butlers made sure they spent the next few days on the beach and at the pool.  A broken toe was not going to stop them from enjoying their time in the Bahamas!

I checked in on the couple via text at one point asking how the bride was doing.  I received a picture back of the bride on the beach with her foot elevated and the caption of “Making Memories!”

Good on them for making the most of a not-real-great situation!  And, thank goodness that they purchased the travel insurance resulting in less financial stress!

-Leah D.

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