How I help you have a successful Destination Wedding to Sandals and Beaches resorts

Destination wedding at Sandals Resort

All weddings are hectic and busy when it comes to planning, but destination weddings add a little bit of extra nerves and excitement to the process.  The thought of having a destination wedding on a Caribbean island sounds very daunting, but if you have the right support system the planning process can go very smooth.  

These are the most important ways that a seasoned travel agent in destination weddings can assist you in making planning that much easier to navigate:

  1. Timelines:  I work with you and the wedding department to set deadlines for all of the pieces of your wedding:  deposit, your guests’ initial reservations, when you have to turn in your documentation for the marriage license, final reservation pay-offs, when you have to make your final decision on location of the ceremony and decor, etc.  Having a travel agent in your corner will allow you the freedom to be creative and also make it easier for you to track your budget based on your guests’ attendance.
  2. Answering All Questions:  It’s no surprise that you will have questions (and lots of them) about a variety of issues related to the wedding, the reception, optional group activities, the resort and island destination, and many other things.  Your guests will also have questions, and many of theirs will be related to their room at the resort and travel: luggage weight limit, how to travel with liquids, how to obtain a passport, where to look for their ground transportation at the airport, where the wedding is located, what to do in the area, etc.  Save yourself time by allowing someone else to work with your guests on the details while you focus on the wedding and the building excitement of celebrating with your family and friends (not Aunt Karen’s fifth question about what to wear to dinner).  
  3. Guest Booking Process:  I keep you, as the couple, aware of who is booking and give regular updates on how guests are responding.  The first thing that your guests will want to discuss is overall cost, selection of a room, and airfare.  It’s not that they don’t want to attend; it’s just that they have to decide if it is affordable.  And many times your guests turn their stay into a longer vacation!  It can be a win-win for everyone!  Also, the more guests that book, the more bells and whistles perks you receive!  
  4. Pre Check-In:  I handle everyone’s pre check-in at Sandals and Beaches resorts, send travel documents to you and your guests, and arrange for extra services as needed.

This process can run very smoothly for you and your guests by laying out easy directions with specific guidelines.  Keep it simple!

And I am always here for moral support for you!

You can contact me here with more questions about how I work with my destination wedding couples, contract, and applicable fees.


My Niche in the Destination Wedding industry:

I work with a maximum of 10 couples per year on their destination wedding. I strive for the best customer service for my engaged couples and their guests which cannot be accomplished if I am spread thin.  I am a charter member of the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialists Association and have chosen to focus on Sandals and Beaches resorts due to their reputation and their on-going support for my clients and myself. 


Fee Schedule:

In order to provide my couples and their guests with the best customer service I work with a maximum of 10 couples per year.  My couples understand that the professional service I provide as a trusted advisor requires a great deal of organization and attention to detail.  Therefore, my fees reflect the value I provide to my clients:


Fee schedule for a destination wedding (2 payments):

Initial payment after phone consultation:  $800.00

Final payment one month before departure based on final number of rooms booked:

  • 1-5 rooms:  $600.00
  • 6-10 rooms:  $900.00
  • 11-15 rooms:  $1,200.00
  • 16-20 rooms:  $1,800.00
  • 21-25 rooms:  $2,500.00
  • 26 rooms+ :  to be discussed  

    *I can always travel to the resort to be on-site for an additional cost*

Contact me here to talk more about your destination wedding ideas to Sandals or Beaches resorts or call at 1-812-477-8833 ext. 317!

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