It’s Time for a Rejuvenative Vacation

health and wellness vacation

A huge trend in travel right now are travelers do not want to completely give up their workout or health routines just because they are going on vacation.  Also, travelers want to try new healthy food options and new types of exercise classes.  

Hotels, resorts, and boutique cruise lines are starting to provide more options for health and wellness experiences to add more value to your vacation. 

Health and Wellness Trends

A rising wellness trend is the desire for a nature-immersive getaway.  Thailand and Bali are very appealing with their boutique and eco-conscious resorts that offer several different types of private spa experiences, yoga classes, and locally sourced healthy foods.

Travelers are hungry for adventure and want to experience a different culture while taking time to relax and enjoy their time away together.

Another trend are travelers want to detox from technology, and truly reconnect with their significant other with personalized activities. For many travelers, a wellness vacation has to include access to a gym, or a type of fitness activity:  tennis courts, racquetball, a walking/jogging trail, active water-sports like kayaking or paddle-boarding, etc.  

All inclusive resorts can be a good fit for travelers that want a variety of land and water-sports that are also included in their over-all price.

Taking time to get away as a couple can be a rejuvenating experience!  Contact me here to start planning your wellness getaway!

-Leah D. 


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