More than Just
‘South of the Border’!

When you think of Mexico, the only things you need to think of to get you desiring a personalized trip to this area is “beautiful sunsets and glimmering beaches”. Mexico is known for its unique mixture of people, terrain, and rich history. Because of the diversity, many people find this country to be alluring when it comes to planning a vacation.

What To Expect

The View
Mayan pyramids and ruins, amazing coastal beaches, deserts, canyons, cities full of life, and mountainous regions make up the unique country of Mexico. Like many of our other locations that we specialize in, it all depends of the area that you are in that determines the surrounding view. There is a lot of “old world meets new world” to be found in Mexico.
The Culture
The culture of Mexico is, like anywhere you go, fairly diverse. But, what makes this country different is that there is still a thread of national unity woven throughout the country, even though most people will closely relate to that of their local state.
The Activities
There is so much to do in this beautiful country. Visit the historical sites such as the ruins, temples, or pyramids, scuba dive off the coast, go zip-lining on a canopy adventure, or enjoy the city life and various events such as the Day of the Dead Festival. And whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy the culinary expertise of the Mexican culture. You won’t regret it! .

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