My Attendance at the Luxury Travel Summit

Leah Dugan, Luxury Travel Agent

This year was the first time that my consortia, Signature Travel Network, put on a one-day conference to discuss a variety of topics related to luxury travel.  I have to say that it was fantastic!  

Three Take-Away’s from the Luxury Travel Summit

Human Connection is a luxury service

At a time where technology is advancing every minute, and we are all connected by our phones, IPad’s, and Apple watches, there is a certain luxury to sitting down with a trusted travel advisor.  How nice is it to have a face-to-face discussion when you are trying to map out a difficult travel itinerary?  The ability to have a conversation and brainstorm ideas is a great asset, especially when discussing a new destination.

Plan your Travel for the Future, not only for Today

Is travel a priority for you and your family?  Are there specific destinations that you want to plan for in the future?  E.g. Africa, Japan, New Zealand, etc.  
Why not plan for you and your family for the next 20 years, and not just for this summer or next year?  
Pre-planning allows you establish your priorities and the experiences that you want to have now and 5 years from now.

Be open to Challenging Ideas

Don’t get stuck in a travel rut.  Allow your travel agent to challenge your idea of a vacation and explore the idea of new destinations.  You never know what may sound like the next new adventure if you consistently visit the same locations. The world is more accessible than ever and there are so many new experiences out there!

If you have questions about working with me as your travel agent you can reach me via phone at:  812-477-8833 ext. 317 or email:

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