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Do You Need a Stress-Free Vacation?

stress-free vacation at Couples Tower Isle

We all need a stress-free vacation. As your travel doctor I am prescribing you to take 1 stress-free vacation one time per year.  Refill as needed!

What does a stress-free vacation mean?  For many people it means that once you arrive to your destination you don’t have to worry about anything. There is no wondering how you will get to your hotel from the airport, there is no wondering about where to eat, there’s no need to carry cash around the hotel to pay for things, many of the activities at the hotel is included in your already purchased price, etc.  This is the definition of an all-inclusive resort.  However, not all all-inclusives are equal.

One of my favorite all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica is Couples Resorts.  Couples Resorts recently opened their Oasis Spa Villas at their Tower Isle resort property in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  They are amazing!

Here is their promo video:

After you get off your plane in Jamaica, make your way through customs and immigration, grab your luggage and head to the Couples Lounge.  Get yourself an included drink and start your vaca!  Couples provides the round-trip transportation to get you to the resort and then back to the airport.

Once you arrive at Tower Isle you will be taken to your Oasis Spa Villa for a private check-in. Your stay includes unlimited spa treatments in the spa or in your villa, as well as private access to the spa. Your villa has a private plunge pool, and an in-villa dining experience with a large menu. There is no need to leave your villa except to go to the beach!

The Oasis Spa Villas are perfect for those couples looking to relax, rejuvenate, and re-connect. This goes without saying: honeymoon couples will love these villas!

These villas are set back in the garden area away from the main part of the resort so it’s very quiet here.  In general, Couples Tower Isle is not a big resort, so even though the villas are set apart from the main areas you won’t be walking a long way to get to the beach or to the restaurants.

There are only 6 of these villas – it’s advised that the sooner you book the better!

Are you ready for a spa and stress-free vacation?  Contact me here!

-Leah D.


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