New round-trip flight options from Evansville airport to Maui

American Airlines flight to Hawaii from Evansville airport

I am so excited that getting to Maui from Evansville, Indiana has become even easier!

American Airlines has added a daily direct flight from Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas, and United Airlines has added a daily direct flight from Chicago O’Hare airport.

For my clients that are flying out of Evansville airport in Southern Indiana this is huge!  Plus, the prices that we are seeing are very comparable to flight prices in Nashville, Indianapolis, and Louisville.

What does this mean for travelers that want to fly out of Evansville?  There is now an option to have only 1 connection when trying to get to Maui.


Perks of Flying out of Evansville Airport

  • The Evansville airport is currently going through a massive re-model.  The parking lots are being re-paved, the interior of the airport is getting a decor upgrade, and there will be a smoother TSA security line.
  • Evansville airport has the cheapest parking rates per day and per week in the Tri-State.
  • Driving into the airport to drop someone off or pick someone up is extremely easy.
  • Evansville airport only has 3 major airlines, plus Allegiant, so the check-in process at the flight counters are very simple.


Over the years Evansville has made some significant changes making it cheaper for travelers to fly out of Evansville and not travel to other out-of-state airports.  Now with the increased flight schedules to Hawaii flying has gotten even easier!

I am excited to see what new opportunities come to Evansville airport in the future!  Contact me for more information on how I make custom itineraries for my clients in Maui!

-Leah D.


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