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The South Pacific is just one click away!

So many people desire to travel the South Pacific. It’s one of the most sought after regions of the world for vacationers to travel to. The Cook Islands, Fiji, Tahiti and French Polynesia, Easter Island, New Zealand and Australia are exotic and exciting to visit. Contact Elite Escapes today. We promise to help personalize the trip you’ve always dreamed of.

What To Expect

The View
Although some of the areas, such as Australia, have desert terrain, the overall environment of the South Pacific is warm and tropical. It makes for the perfect place for a winter escape or a honeymoon. The waters are crystal-clear blue and there is green all around.
The Culture
Although there is a lot of European influence and ancestry in the South Pacific, there are local natives, as well as an overall strong appreciation for the Polynesian and Fijian heritage to be found. There is a lot of life and excitement to be enjoyed when traveling in the South Pacific. The locals call it “paradise”, and we promise you that within moments of stepping off the plane and into the environment, you will be calling it paradise as well!
The Activities
Depending on where you travel to in the South Pacific, you could take part in a variety of things. From visiting the film locations of “The Lord of the Rings” movies in New Zealand, to stepping foot onto the deck of your water bungalow in Fiji, there is so much beauty to see and so many activities to take part in! Knowing where to go is the toughest part of visiting the South Pacific region and each area offers different excursions. Use our knowledge of the South Pacific to your advantage!

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