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Timeshares: How to Avoid the Sale

“How do I avoid a timeshare salesperson?” is a question that we often get.  You see a lot of timeshare properties in Mexico, but really, timeshares and vacation clubs are everywhere.  Some are just more cleverly disguised than others.

Our agency, Elite Escapes, gives this advice for travelers:

  1. Don’t make eye contact.  If you know for certain that you are walking into an area that is full of timeshare salespeople (like the Cancun airport), just keep walking until you get outside and politely decline or don’t answer their questions.
  2. Don’t take the “free breakfast” offer at your resort.  If you are already at an all-inclusive property then your breakfast has already been paid for.  Why is someone trying to talk you into a free meal?  The deal might be sweetened by offering cash or tour credits, sometimes it is several hundred dollars for 90 minutes of your time.  While they say it will take 90 minutes, usually it is anywhere from 2-4 hours, or more!  How much will this “free breakfast” or “presentation” cut into your vacation?  Make your own informed decision.
  3. Always be polite.  You may run into different timeshare salespeople everyday.  Be courteous and refuse their offers, even if it is the 10th time in a week that you have been asked.

There are many reasons that timeshares are not a good deal for a traveler.  If you decide to attend a presentation do your own due-diligence.  Read over the contract, and don’t make a rash decision, and think into the future.  Is this the best fit for you and your family?  Ask a TON of questions, including being able to sell the timeshare.  How much is it really worth and what can it be sold for in the future? Remember that this contract is in a different country and their legal laws are not the same as here in the USA.

Contact us here to discuss your travel options and for more of our travel advice!

-Leah D

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