Travel to Alaska on an Adventure Cruise!

Travel to Alaska

Offshore Outpost Expeditions is re-inventing the way that people travel to Alaska.

Offshore Outpost Expeditions is a very new adventure cruise company that has taken all of the hassle of a big cruise line and thrown it out the window!

Here are just a few highlights:

  • the whole cruise ship carries 12 guests 
  • all food and alcohol is included
  • all excursions are included
  • a chef cooks all meals every day for guests
  • the size of the boat is able to go to places that the large boats are unable to visit
  • guest pick-up at the airport is included
  • you will leave with memories and experiences that no other cruise company can offer

It’s both amazing and timely that Captain Dave Long and his crew are making their debut.  Alaska is quickly becoming over-crowded May-September, which does not give a traveler the best experience.  The large cruise ships can hold up to 4,000 people per boat.  When there are several of those ships coming in and out of small towns everyday that starts to wear on a destination and guests don’t receive a personal experience.

This e-book talks specifically about Offshore Outpost Expeditions and how they are re-vamping travel to Alaska on an adventure cruise:



I am very excited to offer these sailings to my clients in conjunction with Offshore Outpost Expeditions and look forward to partnering with Captain Dave for his future sailings!  Need to contact me?  Click here!

-Leah D.

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