Visit the Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand

visit elephant sanctuaries in thailand

One area of the world that is trying to change the way that people interact with wild animals, specifically elephants, is Thailand.  Thailand has a history of torturing elephants in an effort to sell elephant rides and shows to travelers.

Currently, there are conservation groups in Northern Thailand, in the Chiang Mai area, that are rescuing elephants in an effort to move them to sanctuaries.

These conservation groups are changing the way that elephants live and to do this they are using the power of tourism.  Travelers can still interact with these amazing animals, but in a way that is kind and gentle i.e. participating in their daily feedings, giving mud baths, and just hanging out!

I look at the reputation of each tour company and the corresponding nature park or sanctuary where the tour takes place.  I don’t want to knowingly contribute to harm either and so that I know exactly what my clients will experience.

visit elephant sanctuaries in thailandvisit elephant sanctuaries in thailand

visit elephant sanctuaries in thailandvisit elephant sanctuaries in thailand

Does your bucket list include spending time with elephants outside of a zoo setting?  Why not visit them in their natural environment!

I would love to assist you in making a travel itinerary that will include a full day visit to an elephant sanctuary or nature park.

Questions about making a custom vacation experience to Thailand?  Contact me here!

-Leah D.

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