How do you handle lost luggage?

Lost luggage can be a major problem.  And many people worry about what to do if their luggage is delayed, damaged, or permanently lost.

First, and foremost, before you travel make sure you have a travel insurance policy that covers luggage delay/damage/loss.  If you are flying to Europe, and your luggage is flying to Japan, what will you do for clothes, toiletries, etc.?  You will have to buy necessary items if your luggage is delayed for more than 24 hours and this can become expensive. 

There are travel insurance policies that will cover delayed baggage for over 24 hours or loss of baggage.  However, there has to be a paper trail; the insurance company won’t take your word for it!

Before you leave your arrival airport you need to go to the lost luggage desk or see a representative of the airline that you flew.  This is the easiest way to report lost luggage. During the check-in process the airline will put a scanning sticker on your luggage and give you a luggage claim ticket.  

In case of lost luggage this sticker will be able to tell the airline representative where your bag is at that moment.  If your bag is not at your arrival airport then a paper trail is started.

Hold on to this paperwork.  Again, this is valuable information that will need to be presented to the travel insurance company if there is a long delay or permanent loss of your luggage.

If you leave your arrival airport, before reporting your lost luggage, thinking that your luggage will eventually get to you…it’s not that easy.  You will need to contact the airline or the arrival airport and start this process over the phone.  And if you have ever called an airline you know that you could be on hold for awhile.  Save yourself time and effort and take care of the loss claim before you leave the airport.

I can guide and give advice on how to handle situations like this that arise for my clients. It’s our goal to make travel as seamless as possible even when dealing with major issues like lost or delayed luggage.

Questions about how we work with our clients?  Contact me here!

-Leah D.

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