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Why a Hotel Room is more than “just a room”

Hotel Room choice - Nayara Hote

Let’s have a real conversation about hotel rooms.

I’m not talking about rooms at a Hilton or Hyatt hotel that are cookie-cutter rooms.  When you stay at a Hilton or Hyatt hotel you know exactly the type of room and amenities you are going to receive.

I’m talking about staying in a hotel room that you are unfamiliar with, be it in Jamaica, Mexico, Italy or Ireland.  Hotel room choice should matter to you, here’s why:


Expectations in a Hotel Room Choice

What amenities do you expect your room to have?  If you are staying at an all-inclusive do you want a mini-bar in your room?  Would you like a jacuzzi tub in your room or on your terrace?  Do you prefer a room with a separate sitting area to make the room feel a bit bigger and give you more space?  How big of a bathroom do you want?

You will spend more time in your room than you think you will.  A room is more than just a place to lay your head.  Your room will be one of your first impressions of your hotel – make it a good one!


Location, Location, Location

You may not want to pay the increased price for a beachfront room.  For you, a garden view or pool view out your window is perfectly fine.  I’m the same way at times!  To be honest, sometimes those garden view rooms are tucked in a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel property.

However, you don’t want that room to overlook a dumpster or the parking lot.  What are your expectations?  There is a reason why those standard rooms are so budget-friendly and small.

Picture yourself in Europe trying to get around a large city like Paris or Rome.  It’s true that you will pay a higher price to have a room closer to the city.  What are your expectations?  Do you feel comfortable navigating their public transportation system?  Or do you prefer to be close enough to walk almost everywhere?  These are conversations to have with yourself and your traveling partner during the planning process.


Worth vs. Value in a Hotel Room

Scenario 1:  You will be staying a full 7 nights at a beach property.  What is the value, to you, to have a room that you feel comfortable in the entire time?  That doesn’t mean that you blow your budget on a 1500 sq. ft. room with a butler and a private pool.  (But if it does – great!!)  It may mean staying in a larger room closer to the resort restaurants or closer to the beach.  It may mean springing the extra $300 on a room with a king bed and hammock on your patio steps from the beach.  You have to manage your expectations.

Scenario 2:  You are going to spend 2 weeks in Europe and will be staying in several different cities.  There may be a city or 2 where it isn’t worth staying in a room that isn’t more than budget-friendly for a variety of reasons.  I’ve been there and done that.  But, maybe when you get to that city that you have been dying to visit you go for the room with the fantastic city view or the view of the Eiffel Tower.  There is a balance that can be struck.


Above all, it’s your memories – use them wisely!

I would love to work with you on making your next trip a worthwhile and valuable vacation!  Contact me here with your ideas and questions.

-Leah D.

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