Why Use a Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Before the evolution of being able to book travel online travel agents had storefronts everywhere.  Other than calling the airline or hotel direct the only way to book travel was with a travel agent.  The Internet has exploded with hundreds of ways to book travel online, but travel agents still exist, and for good reason.


Travel Agents Specialize in Specific Destinations

Travel agents have taken the opportunity to pursue the type of business that is core to their own business and reflects the type of clients they want to work with.  Personally, I focus on custom international travel itineraries to Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, specific countries in Central and South America, and the South Pacific.  Increasingly, I am planning more and more travel to Italy, Germany, France, and the UK.


Travel Agents Are a Guide for Your Journey

Travel agents are here to answer your questions about your destination and provide you enough information before your travel.  You should have enough education to feel optimistic and comfortable about your upcoming trip (nerves are still normal!).  A travel agent should provide you with information about the weather, currency conversion, what to expect of the culture, do you need an international driver’s license, what time zone you are traveling to, emergency phone numbers in case of emergency, etc.


Travel Agents Provide Customer Service

Customer service is really what is lacking in booking travel.  Customer service is key. I am not ashamed to say “let me check on that”.  I may have to email or call the hotel/resort, the airline, or the tour company, but I will get an answer!  

Example:  A long-time client is currently planning a trip to Ireland in 2018 and is interested in taking a drone, but isn’t sure if the airline will allow him to do this.  The airline website isn’t very helpful in answering his questions.  I contacted the airline with his questions and was able to get back to him within 24 hours.


Travel Agents Provide Value

With only one opportunity to get your vacation right, your vacation is best not left to chance.  Travel agents are by your side to provide service and support before, during and after your trip.

I act as your personal travel concierge.  My job is to make your vacation as special as you are. I have the expertise to orchestrate every detail of your trip, so you can focus on your own daily priorities.


The best way to find a travel agent that is the best fit for you is to schedule an appointment either face-to-face or over the phone.  Talk about your travel ideas and your expectations.  How can a travel agent best assist you?

Do you have questions or want to schedule an appointment?  Contact me here!

-Leah D.

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